viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

Freddie Mitchell, ex-Eagles WR, admits role in tax-fraud scheme

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell has admitted to his role in a tax-fraud scheme.

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Mitchell pleaded guilty in federal court in Orlando, Fla., Friday to a single count of conspiracy to file a false claim. He faces a maximum prison sentence of 10 years and a maximum fine of $250,000.

Prosecutors say Mitchell and two others concocted a scheme that involved filing a false tax return on behalf of another professional athlete.

They say Mitchell told the athlete, only identified as "A.G.," that he could help him get a bigger tax refund from the IRS.

Mitchell and his two associates filed a return on behalf of A.G. that contained blatantly false information.

A.G. was unaware that the false tax return had been filed.

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